for those reading each page as they come out, i would greatly recommend going back and rereading from the beginning of part 1.2 before reading this page. godspeed!

ALSO! ISASAY is taking a two-week break for a number of reasons: 1) i’ve run out of buffer! 2) i couldn’t work on the buffer because i was busy thumbnailing the rest of the chapter! 3) i have a queue of paid work that takes my first priority! and 4) i’ve gotten a new job that takes some time away from all of that! SO.

the entire rest of part 1.2 has been thumbnailed and just has to be drawn. then it’s time for part 1.3, and then Syd’s part is over! but right here at this transitional page 95 seems like a good place to take a brief break for right now. 🙂 thank you for being understanding!